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Old Man Game DIY Activity Guide

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Do you want to get better at basketball, but need help structuring your workouts?

Is doing random exercises with no consistency failing you?

If so, the Old Man Game DIY Activity Guide is exactly what you need. 

It’s a customizable basketball workout planner that’s intended to help you improve your on-court skills and conditioning.

This activity planner is a PDF worksheet that helps you create your own workout with tried-and-true fundamental basketball exercises.

With it:
  • You’ll train both fundamental basketball skills and physical conditioning
  • You can design your own workout and personalize it to your needs
  • You’ll be able to re-use the guide and create new workouts to keep challenging yourself
So, if you’re an average Joe or Jane who wants to level up your basketball skills, buy this guide.

Note: Preview doesn't show the actual drills, exercises, and repetitions. It's only a sample of the worksheet.
You will get a PDF (83KB) file

Old Man Game Activity Guide (Google Sheets Template)


Old Man Game Basketball Activity Guide (Notion Template)