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Bite Of The Truth (The Black Fan #2)

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If the truth about who Sonia is becomes clear to the wrong vampire, she could lose her life.

When Sonia came to the city, she only intended to stay for a day. Now she's been living a secret life for months, and it's about to catch up with her. 

Sonia is determined to keep her true identity secret, while making a life for herself as receptionist of the Black Fan, and falling for vampire, Levi. 

When her boss asks a favour of her, the truth comes out, and she could end up losing everything. Can she stop the fallout before it's too late?


Bite Of The Truth is part of The Black Fan, a paranormal romance series including vampires and a dystopian setting. It includes a secret identity, a vampire with a past, and a revelation that could change everything.
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