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Murder for Neptune's Trident, ebook

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Welcome to Citrus Beach! Where the balmy breezes carry secrets as potent as the tangerine sunsets.

Under the ever-watchful eye of the Floridian sun, where retirees come to play bingo and tourists leave with sunburned noses, lies a little mystery that's about to cause a big stir. "Murder for Neptune's Trident" isn't your average beach read—it's the kind of book that sneaks up on you like a seagull eyeing your lunch.

Enter Megan Cassidy, a local businesswoman whose to-do list never included "solve a murder," yet here she is, doing just that. Her weapon of choice? A sharp wit and sharper intuition, both of which come in handy when she's trying to keep her family and friends from turning her investigation into a circus.

Aiden Tory, an FBI consultant with a mind as complex as a hurricane tracking map, becomes Megan's partner in crime-solving. Together, they're digging up clues with the dogged determination of a tourist hunting for seashells.

And speaking of dogs, Barney is the four-legged secret weapon with a bark as revealing as a tell-all autobiography. He might not know much about detective work, but he knows something's up, and his loyalty to Megan is second to none—especially when there are treats involved.

As our unlikely trio peels back layers of this coastal conundrum, they find that the roots of this mystery stretch back decades, entangled in a secret history that could rewrite the town's postcards.

In "Neptune's Trident," the laughs are as abundant as the sunshine, but don't let the breezy humor fool you—there's a serious puzzle at the heart of this beach town. Can Megan and her crew crack the case before the tide washes away the secrets of the past?   Slather on your sunscreen and get ready to crack a smile—and perhaps the case—under the shade of your beach umbrella.

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