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November 3rd - Loki Apocalypse

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#NYC Black #Plague the plan behind faux Plandeminx #RTRRT

a)One does not need meticulous bible inspection in order to ascertain with clarity – nothing really to ascertain at all there - that no one of those bible prophets ever prophesied anything.
b)Or Enoch, Nechepso, Petosiris, Moses, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Crowley, Derek Walters, Morinus della Villefranche or god forbid “Nostradamus”.
c)On the other hand, normal Chinese astronomers performed as standard: “King will hunt at 6:13 local time; bagging 18 fowl (pheasants, usually). 19 deer; 3 tigers (including tigress); returns at 19:47.
d)Selfsame in daily warfare: enemy will attack from SSW wing, with our commander freezing them on spot; forcing them to march across Death Gate: 12 troops lost on wind side, complete enemies’ fire troops wiped out: 17 enemy soldiers turned to stone.
e)Ara will be bombed meaning central Baghdad church or something, troops will move from Nineveh to Kurdistan from 16:27 approx to dusk when they will camp at (degrees north and longitude as given).
f)Nuclear submarine ill emerge at 15:34 sinking at 16:02 sending three warning missiles.
g)Coordinates altitude as given. That is a prediction. LA had one: people were hoarding supplies.
h)One day something will happen is not a prediction at all.
i)One who miscalculated his own death: elementary calculus: is idiot.
j)Chinese also knew everything about comets like the recent one that brought plague to Mesopotamia 6000 years ago. Yersinia pestis. The black plague.
k)Rodents thrive in lockdown but not enough: NYC may thus experience further eugenics.
l)Amateurs keep Persian, Yazid and Egyptian versions of the Genesis: or so they thought.
m)Unclear how rodents bite turtle doves who are quite able to chase-off crows as they survived last Jericho.
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