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Age of Pegasus 2017

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Lord Krishna fails to observe Gemini eastern – some 5000 years ago Gemini ceased to represent ascendant or eastern constellation. For 5000 years now, Gemini never rose at east. The present “programs” thus miscalculate “Gemini ascendant” by roughly 90 degrees #QuarterSky default. Gemini is namely seen at North when variously miscalculated “at East”. Programs namely deliberately mangle their own NASA database for lucrative purposes. Some programs do feature primitive planetarium. This simple phenomenon can be observed by anyone with naked eyes and yet no-one noticed for over 5000 years now. Whether one is given to noticing facts or not, facts remain facts: even in Astrology as we don't know it; as Yahweh admonished unto the Levites.
Jesus was born with the last tiny star – thus Lamb of God – of Aries ascending at east.
For 2000 years, Aries has not been ascending at east: is non-ascendant: non-ascendants include Gemini (for over 5000 years now) whose miscalculation by popular “programs” measures 90 degrees or #QuarterSky – Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn therefore do not rise at east – are not ascendants. No one you know has these ascendants in their horoscopes. This purports ERA ERIDANI MMX or the ascending Era of Eridanus. Taurus rises for a brief time, indeed: see on Taurine Ascendants in Stock Exchange Astrology “Calf a Minute of Chance” on the stock market.
The Dantesque era has seen the Age of Pegasus I^ - ERA PEGASI PRIMA ^ – hence the representations of Lucifer that influenced art ever since. Pegasus Point has its first trigger here!
The medieval times have seen the Age of Grail with Venus in Crater.
9-11 happens with Moon in Orion and Eris western 0 altitude.
2005 marks a minor cetacean era with cetacean Mars – pope+ 7/7 London bombing

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