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Sun in Orion 2020

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911 Moon in Orion. Orion is best known for 911 but all planets do enter Orion as well: if you are reading this; especially as New yorker, it may as well be Orion is your own natal ascendant!

Yes, Venus is with Ocasio-Cortez. Elon Musk has Moon in Sextans conjunct Ocasio-Cortez. 

Pleiads Aldebaran new Moon. 

New York, New York. 

Orion New Moon 2020. 

Also known as Stargate Moon. 

Is with Ocasio-Cortez towards illegal immigrants' biblical Auriga. 

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New You


Liberty Statute


Elon Musk meets Ocasio-Cortez


The Days USA Died


The end of USA & UK


Pluto Return at the end of the USA ||:|::


||:|:: Death of USA 2022 - Phase #1 of 3 :|:|:| - DIVIDE NE ET IMPERA SW


Taurine Valentine $ETH Trading 2022 w/ Purport


Looting USA by the Pound


Jupiter in Cetus - end of the UK (and USA)