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Personal power protocols – How to find power, make difference and acquire advantage?
Getting ahead with your new assets in an ordered manner is easy when you acquire method. 
Where can personal power be found?
1)The idea is to (minutely) predict your (own) futurei in order to (preemptively) change it at will – for the best.
2)Can one change one's own past? Changing the now is Snow Crash – creating events out of the blue in minutes – as soon as one manages to this – one is able to change one's past – even when future-changing comes more natural – the course of time does not even get reversed as it flows from futurities – through now – and into the past (sic).  
3)Let calculation precede future-changing: (as) we don't want to embellish an already perfect futurity or untimely intrude into some future-to-be.
4)Calculation can be called predictive astronomy since astronomy and astrology are, always were and will be one. Sai Baba – Sun in Libra – November 23rd – the avatar of truth had an observatory next door: nowadays anyone can at least check for one's own true Sun sign online.
5)By typing NASA Sun Ephemeris into the search box on our site, one is already there. 
6)As concern authority, both NASA JPL and Harvard MPC were copiously consulted during the delineation of the 1008 planets. The zodiac was compiled “by hand” - meaning also later-on with the help of a still operative DOS computer back in the seventies – is online since 1973.
7)It took minutes in order to determine zodiac and ascendant sets; it'll take eons for humanity to grasp the concept s naïve belief in 12 ascendants along with 13 signs will still linger on even after #2017shift
8)The zodiac has 22 signs while the present ascendant set is 16. 
9)22 and 16 are of course related to the Tarot. This also means that the RTRRT initiate must forget about past “tarot decks” along with “12 ascendants” and other affiliated inanities galore as associated with general superstition.        
10)Forgetting about superstition gets you your true self back. Also: calculi are right; e.g. 9-11 Eris 0 alt W NYC; Moon in Orion... 
11)In order to change any futurities, one must first know them by date; which implies calculation of future events, often known as divination. Divination is therefore mathematical an operation after all. The very Chinese word for divination is selfsame as calculation. In order to know e.g. Arsenal 4:3 Barcelona, one peruses Aspectarian. A sheet of paper (letter format, A4 + pen) will be enough for football calculi. Simple calculi like next marriage are performed by memory – by heart – in minutes or seconds – these often do not require any horoscope expertise at all, not even horoscope printout.    
12)As much as your quest is purely spiritual; you (will be) are (already) able to manifest any events right now – instanter – like winning at lottery, at the hand of Helen of Troy or making large profits on the stock market. Clearing will help make this more clearii.    
13)Predicting events by-memory (by-heart) to-the-day is easy with 20 Minutes Astrology initiation: but the trainee will be able to predict the hour, minute and second – such as e.g. of anyone's next marriage – suffice to mention ascendant ephemeris along with minute lunar ephemeris plus the Apoheles.  
14)The former premise requires the #AcademicZodiac along with future-changing #RTRRT
15)In order to make things clear in a beginner – incipient astrology fan and magus alike – the avatar of truth, Sai Baba, was born on November 23rd with Sun in Libra (sic) – thus to assert that no one on this planet has the right to call oneself an “astrologer”. 
16)All data are either authoritative – NASA JPL is where the integration models for planetary ephemerides are made – or null. How does disinformation reach the masses? Nowadays through mangled data as every program has NASA JPL model under its own skin – sometimes even as represented by rudimentary planetaria. Shocking as it may seem; some primitive pseudo-astrological programs can even yield fairly accurate data; when manipulated in some sort of way – not that it will ever on a massive scale happen but proof enough that there is a true sky – even within superstitious deformities -  after all.    
17)How does one do it? You can do it alone: predicting – by memory is easy: changing events or creating them at will out of the blue is even easier: (as your) your now, future and past gets reprogrammed instanter. 
18)Here are some of the main the RTRRTiii as briefly enlisted: Marriage Rendering Tools, True Mind Distiller – TMD, O5 - Oberon V, Cascade, ETER, INTEGER, Wishwheel, PCS – Personal Cosmic Secretary, Magic Wand, Snow Crash, Mentat, Spiral Trees...   
19)Know yourself! Know yourself in order to determine your best course because everything you ordain will fall into your lap! Don't wish other people's wishes: intend your own.
20)Your main sources for Instant Magick along with preemptive predictions are a couple of web-sites, e-mail addresses and Twitter hash-tags; thus e.g. #RTRRT 
21)You can already build, plan and enchant your futurities by perusing said web-site and hash-tag. 
22)The purpose of this exercise is to a) predict any futurities b) avert bad events before they happen by replacing them with intended events instead: ditto.   
23)Anyone can create events - instantly - with a little help from just any RTRRT self-initiation manual. 
24)Any directions can be calculated by perusing the Aspectarian – a mission critical asset. 
25)As all wishes come true, even instanter, it is prudent to plan – at first as if one would be quite incapable in changing any futurities at all – sic – that is, 20 Minutes astrology initiation will do!
26)About the Sun: there are 16 Sun-signs but said zodiacal Sun's position may not be that important after all – unless you are trading gold stocks. 
27)Is your personal Sun-sign determinant for your character, karma and fate? Not at all; even when it's Orion, Cetus, Ophiuchus or even Sextans! Well – Sun in Orion can be regarded as somewhat special – in Cetus it is a bit peculiar as well: but the Sun stands for faux ego: not everything that shines s gold!
28)Moon in Orion is vital for national security – 9-11 (easily predictable) will happen again! Moon in Auriga is somewhat peculiar: Moon in Sextans indicative – rather political as well – Moon in Cetus is nothing special; Moon in Ophiuchus quite standard... etc, etc... 
29)Venus in Crater is peculiar, in Hydra as well... but what determines character is the centaur (or dwarf planet) at the ascendant. 
30)Therefore, one of the 1008 planets determines your character best. 
31)One or more planets as – of course – unknown to the general (or any) public (at all) will determine your life course. 
32) This planet will be directed – especially according to the secondary angular direction – even across Dark Flux or the Axis of Evil and alike areas like Witchallow in Eridanus... 
33)Southern horoscopes will be directed accordingly across southern constellations – precisely as intimated in the Bible. This has never been one before because there was no horoscope before. 
34)For 5000 years, (relaying) people who never think or observe skies at all have been relaying, copying and xeroxing disinformation. One of the most dangerous for your spiritual progress is the superstition of the 12 ascendants: most asinine since these never rise at east at all!
35)The faux 12 ascendants are counter-demons: that is what you gt fr believing just anything that people say: a demon instead of guardian angel proper: your own guardian angel (as hidden below the heap of mass superstition as promoted by non-thinking units who repeat errors by rote).
36)For the past 5000 years, Gemini has not been rising at east a all. Nowadays, when the “program” (mis)calculates it at east: it is clearly visible at north: you are all invited to see it as determined: along with the true 16 angelic eastern ascendants. 
37)Humanity has not been observing the sky for more than 5000 years now. 
38)Some progress was made through larger China and Egypt. 
39)It is important to know that there has been no horoscope through the ages, not a single one {again: except perhaps for Egypt (especially around 38000 BC) and larger China – including Sikkim, Mongolia and Thibet) – the Hopi, Mayas, Aussie aborigines, Navajo, Cherokee and alike “primitive (as scheduled to be exterminated) tribes” are also exempt from gross error in their calculi...}: therefore making the past of humanity fake: Venus went into Crater but nobody registered it as the commencement of Grail quest incipient.      
40)Planning often takes form of treasure charts or alike RTRRT assets in intent. 
41)Knowing oneself may entail True Mind Distiller along with personal horoscope.
42)There are 16 guardian angels rising at east – also known as eastern ascendants. Gemini is not one of them. Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn do not rise at east – for the epoch at hand – no one you know possesses these ascendants. Gemini e.g. has not been seen east for 5000 years – sic – now! When just any program “calculates” alleged Gemini at east – Gemini are clearly visible at north – sic – thus #QuarterSky #ZodiacFix #ZodiacShift the need for Ascendant Correction Tables: if e.g. declared Gemini, you are probably Cetus or even Pisces ascendant. This simple fact has been widely demonstrated and yet e.g. Wikipedia refuses to incorporate relevant NASA JPL data while allowing for unwarranted “democracy” in distribution of disinformation as encouraged. It is clear – but not to the many – that the many are always wrong – being repetitiously relaying by rote – the mass does not think – it merely repeats just any disinformation in order to appear “informed”: there is one Astrologer only per precession cycle – if available – in this case Hayagrivananta Kalki – short name. 
43)There are 22 Tarot initiations or zodiacal stations along with 67 (often – especially as concern southern hemisphere - 88 is preferred) horoscope signs. 
44)Your horoscope hosts 1008 delineated planets. 
45)Any planets – e.g. new centaurean discovery or novel dwarf planet candidate – can be found as delineated on the aforementioned site . Auxiliary sites as enlisted:
49) Knowing e.g. the day of your next marriage – even hour, minute and second – by memory (sic) is easy with the help of aforementioned 20 Minutes Astrology self-initiation. 
50)The enemies of the Art – which we call the 6 666 666 666 – surely did a meticulous job of deleting whatever relevant data – mostly NASA JPL – would filter through on e.g. Facebook: one can say that no Astrology was left on Facebook at all – merely 12 ascendant crooks and as unnecessary flattering time-wasters. 
51)The same applies to where some original material may in fact survive: as perhaps retrievable with alternative engines such as or and the alike: not sure whether AvatarSearch is still active. We are speaking of circa 1995 material. 
52)As frontal disinformation has the upper hand on the psyche which is disinformation itself or dis-informer of the ego; meticulous sweeping of relevant material happened everywhere – in time – where irrelevant nobodies crept to the bottom top of the reverse thick dark guano pyramid of the asinine. People who could not guess their own natal Sun sign hover as “authorities” in the field just by not predicting anything – as if they could: not even easily predictable 9-11: it must be discomforting to know that accidents – predicted and predictable as well – will follow under the nose of “astrologers” who could not even predict their own death in time. 
53)In leaving you to 20 Minutes Astrology and the rest to their own bad – and we may add: final – karma; we wish to point out that some material may not be available at all: e.g. animated horoscope ephemerides; which since October 2011 were canceled among some 8000 publications from the main site: not all of the 45000 original publications survive: still; there is material galore left on the server.
54)A serious study may start with Scientific Astrology Bible – a rather bulky volume. We are speaking of terabytes of material as concern Eris only: first sale Aug 1st 2005 – Cetus year; that. 
55)The useful volumes as enlisted or often quoted are thus the Aspectarian, Scientific Astrology Bible, Academic Zodiac along with any RTRRT...
56)Catalogs abound from the site; just try and type e.g. “VIP” or “VIP Klaudio Zic” in search form.          
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