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CANCER 1.Dr. No.1962
SERPENS CAPUT 2.From Russia, With Love.1963
CORVUS 3.Goldfinger.1964
SAGITTARIUS 4.Thunderball.1965
GEMINI 5.You Only Live Twice.1967
PEGASUS 6.On Her Majesty's Secret Service.1969
SERPENS CAUDA 7.Diamonds Are Forever.1971
OPHIUCHUS 8.Live and Let Die.1973
LEO 9.The Man with the Golden Gun.1974
COMA BERENICES 10.The Spy Who Loved Me.1977
AURIGA 11.Moonraker.1979
LIBRA 12.For Your Eyes Only.1981
AQUARIUS 13.Never Say Never Again.1983
HYDRA 14.Octopussy.1983
ORION 15.A View to a Kill.1985
VIRGO 16.The Living Daylights.1987
CETUS 17.Licence to Kill.1989
ARIES 18.Golden Eye.1995
CAPRICORNUS 19.Tomorrow Never Dies.1997
ERIDANUS 20.The World Is Not Enough.1999
SCORPIUS 21.Die Another Day.2002
TAURUS 22.Casino Royale.2006
PISCES 23.Quantum of Solace.2008
CRATER 24.Skyfall.2012
SEXTANS 25.Spectre.2015
VULPECULA ET ANSER 26. No Time to Die, 2021
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