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Someone really bought the Mark of the Beast story – and loves it live.

a)They are making it all too ridiculously obvious: baby beasts all of them.
b)NY county reopens 6/6.
c)Tracing bill HR 6666.
d)Wuhan lab 666.
e)Come on, man.
f)The Patent, WO |2020|060606 has gained notoriety and the nickname “World Order 2020 666.” Microsoft describes this device as a “Crypto Currency System”
g)The pedo mafia “tracing, tracing” think they are justified and ancient, sanctified lords and ladies of Mu Mu.
h)Just because you are too old to grow a brain, it does not mean you are the Beast of the Apocalypse.
i)So what’s the story? Those Anatolian Hyxos were quarantined out of Egypt. So what?
j)They were joined by (the biblical word is) “rabble”. Viri and bacteria recombine.
k)White with plague was not merely Myriam the “accursed” curer of God.
l)Homeless and sick, they took to serial genocide – active still.
m)They want you all dead: nothing new.
n)They have so much of your money galore that delight in paying e.g. 32000 $ for one single faux viral patient (dead or alive?).
o)Italian viri were active since January 2019 and that in several mutated variants.
p)The selfsame “people” that planted Plandemic pose as saviors. But you knew it.
q)“We have liberal approach towards death (numbers).”
r)The “recommendations” from criminals who collude with big pharma are the exact opposite from what one ought to do in order to wade sanely through any influenza.
s)Comets do bring viri and this one is back after 6000 years after bringing Yersinia pestis to Mesopotamia 4000 BC. Black death plague followed.
t)When world health is run by communist terrorists, you know what vaccines are for.
u)The plan is to drone you, test you, vaccine you and profit. Every single human.
v)The HR 6666 bill is proof they mean it and are mad, in lack of better designation.
w)In order to illustrate lack of conscience, empathy or even soul in modern post-war politicians, an example comes from Italy. Their mummy president just released from jail the assassin of his own that is said president's better brother. In order to show you how insignificant you are, they release murderers like one who dissolved a 13-year old in acid: he walks free under globaleft terror rule: all moral is canceled as all judges are corrupt. This is what world wars are about.
x)Already “half-dead too rich for anybody's own good” people decided at Davos 2017 that the time to smite the planet has come.
y)We find WHO a curious name in itself: are they all illiterate communist terrorists? We find “Jaws” weird a surname. And she not only works (with) hamsters: she is one – all thieves are: the hour of the rat.
z)888=Jesus (Greek “gematria”); 888+888=1776
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