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The Full Freezer E-Book (Save Food, Save Time, Save Money

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" I already freeze food such as bread, milk, leftover dinners like lasagne, etc but I have to confess I found Kate amazing!! All the info is so useful and informative, the e-book has become my little go-to reference guide"

Google Review - Caroline Dennis

The Full Freezer (Save Food, Save Time, Save Money) E-Book is a 32 page crash-course in home-freezing individual items of food.

But, why would you want to home freeze food? 

Well, have you ever cooked a meal and put a leftover ingredient in the fridge 'for later' - only to discover it a week (or month) later way past the point of saving it. 

What if instead you had prepared that ingredient (and by prepared, I usually mean chopped up, or poured into a bag or ice cube tray), and frozen it?

Just think, the next time you're cooking and you need some tomato puree, you can just grab a cube from the freezer. Making a pizza? You've got a stash of frozen cooked meat, and pre-chopped veggies to chuck on top and cook from frozen. 

In the UK, the average family will waste around £720 worth of edible food EVERY YEAR. That's £60 every month literally thrown away. 

This e-book is a first step towards taking action to reduce our own food waste.

It takes one incredibly simple concept, and introduces a completely new way to look at food, how you store it and ways to cook it.

The beauty is in its simplicity. No need for meal plans (unless desired), no need for batch cooking (unless desired), this is simply taking food that would have been thrown in the bin and giving it a second chance to make it to your plate. 

If you require any assistance at all please reach out to me via social media or the contact form here to reach out and I will do all that I can to assist you. 

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