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666 Beast - Aleister H Crowley

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666 Horrorscope Aleister H. Crowley “the Beast” as observed by his true natal stars.

We published all too many Crowleyanascopes over the years and decades: mostly in synergy with 1904 Aiwass=Hydra ascendant; but as a matter of fact, Cowley may – just may – have natal positions akin=close – if not exact – with Kalki{'s triune ascendant(s)}; that is

Fox + Unicorn + Hydra

Fox or Canis Minor = Bush

Unicorn or Monoceros = Jolie

Hydra is most probably his own natal ascendant.

So he has one ascendant only, unlike Kalki who showcases three of them at once – triune.

Can not be e.g. Cancer, since Cancer does or didn't rise at east for the epoch at hand.

No such thing as Cancer ascendant, or Aries, Libra and so forth: see on faux ascendants.

Here are some experimental screen-shots for your own study:

Directions to Alphard as well as of course :||||| mercurial-to-saturnine afflictions will determine the times of – mostly failed – experiments.

The rest is known too well – maybe far too well – to the general public – but not to Crowley himself.
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