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Vax Wars II - Pandora Moon

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Exactly when NOT to administer anything: lunar affliction w/ Neptune: dead fodder already.

Actually: they stabbed her hours before: this was for show. Mars Eris for God's sake. Genocide.

Note the evil troika in the house of earnings as big pharma drunk with personal power.

Venus with the Devil's Star: nice touch: Niku apocalypse; just triggered yet once again.

The work of the Devil has been done. Encore! Bis! Bravo! They clap to * Unuk-al-Hai.

Expect vaxcides with Moon in Cetus III: traditionally asinine “political” decisions since last

May: every last May. And they clapplause to it. Drones.

January 20th makes for a draconian leap: more saturnine restrictions with lock-downs.

Reptilian stab, alright: Ophiuchus ascending at jab time: genocidal :|::|: RNA for everythree.

The ascendant approaches USA's in Serpens Cauda, but the poor victim was stabbed hours b4.

The Sun and accompanying Mercury and Venus are usually triggering the dwarf planets in

Ophiuchus around Christmas season.


Pandora Moon.

In a rare case that one has not at least seen Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider II, Pandora stands for deadly vax as released upon the world.

Vs the Kraken? They tried. Angelina BTW is Unicorn=Monoceros ascendant.

Yes, there is a complex issue of Prometheus; the box itself, Epimethius, Devil's Rose and HPMEC.
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