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Vax Wars XXI - Color of the Swamp

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Vax Wars Gates of XAOCχ MMXXI Color of the $wamp

a)People voted for life, freedom, work, prosperity, USA and the free world; not merely Donald Trump. People just discovered their vote does not count. It never counted at all.
b)You were never afforded Guardian Angel, Sun sign or ascendant: being also trained to reject your true natal skies in favor of colorful a demonic agenda.
c)E.g. Gemini never rose at east – was never ascendant – since Lord Krishna’s own epoch!
d)SCOTUS will hear from basketball chaps, having just rejected Constitution along with We the People. National basketball emergency! Trump-installed trio turncoats asap.
e)Triune for Dune: we shan’t hear this matter of the desert.
f)We the People will discover there was never left or right as RINOs prosper as swamp protégées as well. You know the color of swamp.
g)One thing being controlled opposition, quite another being married with CCP: with kids.
h)Being “good Christian” being deep hack in itself: as “having nothing” mentality can easily be enforced within a victimentality. Wikimentality? Assange was all too good.
i)If vaxed, don’t travel (sic). So now that you are vaxed; genetically poisoned for life and beyond = don’t travel: bear mask and social distance: lose your not so small business and stay dependent on eventually casual handover from demoRINO de-fecto Chinese government @ the Courts of XAOC
j)USA finally discovered that it does not even have a controlled opposition: USA is de-facto China now. Chinese province like Hong Kong or Thibet or Taiwan soon.
k)Or Italy which is Chinese owned. Or Texas, California; BTW what was judge Scalia doing with secret hunting Saint Hubertus - originally Austrian - masons within a remote ||:::: bohemian |:::|: forestΏ?
l)You hear of “benefit” with “help” - handover from almighty government - now after they deliberately destroyed blooming an economy. Help meaning waiting for crumbles while foreclosing for lifetime: no private property in Chinese-owned ex USA.
m)Swamp runs as deep as RINO portfolio that tends to see no bottom_line at all.
n)While your not so small business hits rock bottom, RINO’s get amalgamated by their balsamic swamp.
o)No dichotomy in Tao. NETI NETI. TMD. Dao tech USA. Worn in the USA.
p)This is military an operation: disrupt and infiltrate communication, occupy host and discard it.
q)Republic is not democracy: democracy being people determining policies directly, without a representative. In poor words: you have no voice since your rep works is full of Chinese juice. The right wants to vax you even more than the left: both shoulders: sign up to your own cross. ||:|:: Vey Gedulah vey Geburah. In the name of Spiritus Sorrows.
r)Amen. Name. Omen. NEMO. CCCXXXIII

Typhon Sun Chaos Altjira Mercury Sedna Eris Ceto ~ ashamed of own family?

Keep the faith. Do some sport. Don't get flu. Stay aloof from legal matters. Don't fly airplane.
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