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So the disunited states can in fact be organized as majority of said states following the (good old as unchanged) Constitution vs “liberal” - that is Chinese - ones. But there are no blue states, in fact: merely blue towns (city is usually perused for something around a Christian cathedral).

Might as well have set mao for Beijing. Map, mao sincerely left there as rabbitypo.

Them the people are thus coerced into |||:|: severe lockdowns :|:||| as resulting in uncivil war.

Oppression remains threefold: legal=illegal, brutal=direct and surprising=fireworks. have no rights
2.stand down – shut up
3.feed them trans

You know what you is: masked covidiot trying to pay taxes while being thwarted from working: selfsame money that will be spent on trans rights to your own detriment: you got this.

And if they let you live (love typo): buy a maskedavos doll for your: oh wait, they took'em, alright.

Within a collection of worst aspects there is even treacherous VE90NE just in time for global vax hack.

Already MA90JU makes for stand up – shut down laptop – no need to comment.

2021 may not be the worst year of your life – yet – but in comparison 2020 looks swell.

And did we mention forget about travel?

USA ascendant Serpens Cauda at analysis time.

So, Logos determines 2021 in the USA. Not an easy adversary to beat. Also: unclear, despite its given name. We prefer to study them before awkward naming, yes.

The 2004 CJ64 designation below has nothing to do with DJ who saved your life: it's Iranian missiles, alright: those you pay for: VIDE SVPRA under “taxes”.

Varuna is connected with 911 as secondary or even tertiary cause for the sad event. Here with people: not good. Hilariously, Rhadamanthus serves as crooked sidekick for Logos now within an utterly lawless conglomerate of states under communist regime.

Pegasus Point in Cetus II descending: how romantic in a totally – how do you say – up year.

It is even idiotic to comment these aspects like one by one: the world is effed for good.

It comes even clearer why ACB had ||:|:: aspect on Nov 3rd 2020. Make it cunt for 2021.
You will get a PDF (2MB) file

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