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Vax Wars XIV - That is often rare around Witchallow

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The Devil you don't know at all: Unuk-al-Hai is prominent (southern with ominous comets) with Venus – also present treacherous position (meaning poisoning the world as we speak): this is the horrorscope of the Devil itself. Little is known of formidably precise Chinese astrology (not the often idiotic 12 signs as awkwardly misrepresented) and even less of military black magick in ancient china – yes those terracotta guys were living beings before ::| gatekeeper petrified them forever. The manual is in fact aptly called the Master of the Devil's valley and believe me, it is nothing like Sun Tze who in lack of comparison was but naïve pauperish commie amateur.

The sensitiveness of the Chinese market (crash) to Venus in Hydra is apparent from VIDE SVPRA
12 hours that is years of direction do explain these calculi.

The Han dynasty has a new shroud: invisible cloak and... dagger. Sickle, in fact as hammered unto its opponents: its own people foremost: the Moon is deep in the T2 dungeon!

Capricornus being cruel a sea-dragon: and lo! Who is in the second dungeon? Ocasio-Cortez!!!

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