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Vax Wars XVII - Heart of Glass

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Too tiny a window for KMAL=91 martial law edict, indeed.

Venus with Devil's Star – a perfect time to release deadly chemistry unto mankind #VaxWars

Predictive Astrology http://payhip/com/astrology #1008planets

1)Niku Apocalypse is about eternally retrograde Niku flirting the Star of the Devil.
2)Sympathy for the Devil was suggested by the Gates of Sorrows: so was your vax.
3)The worst day in a year when Venus makes an angular minimum with the Devil is now.
4)The Devil chose the precise day in order to mangle healthy human DNA and RNA.
5)The Devil thus made sure that they MORITVRI adore him in degeneration of the race.

Besides poisoning, Venus with the Devil's star Unuk-al-Hai warrants death and infertility.

It brings destruction to families: from now on, a deadly monthly fortnight will sweep humanity.

Niku Apocalypse with Venus Unukalhai: poisoning human DNA and RNA – help us Jesus+++
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