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Over the Hills and Far Away eBook

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Magic. Nightmares. Naughty children.

A witch’s work is never done.

Baba Yaga had taken the last century off to focus on herself. And then a couple of immortal idiots went and created the Warp – which only a few mortals blame on climate change; the rest blame those who are not like them.

A bargain is struck and she sends her fellows out to investigate: the way children are behaving is even worse than advertised. As the one who had always struck fear into the heart of misbehaving children, it is her duty to return to guide mortals. And stop them from killing each other.

But will she do it alone? And what has she learned about witchcraft in the last hundred or so years?

Scroll up to buy now to find out how Baba Yaga will educate – or terrorise – modern children of all ages.

*This is the seventh book in the Irascible Immortals series.
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