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The Ultimate Vision Board Workbook!

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Dream big, design a beautiful vision board and make your wildest dreams come true!

The Vision Board Workbook is the perfect guide to help you design and create a unique vision board that works. With this workbook, you'll be able to choose the right images, set crystal clear intentions, and complete actionable steps that will lead you to success.

Using this workbook, you can build new habits and unlock potential you never knew existed. Finally, take the plunge and make your dreams come true — it's time to go for it!

Start designing and creating a beautiful vision board today with The Ultimate Vision Board Workbook — get yours now!

This 42 page unique workbook includes:

  • Vision Board Basics
  • Choose the right images
  • Why Your Brain Loves Vision Boards
  • Calculate your personal year number and what that means for you
  • Set Your Intentions and Action Steps for all of your life areas and apply them straight to your board!
  • How to design the perfect vision incorporating the life areas and 5 Element Theory
  • The do's and don'ts of vision boarding
  • how to prepare the pefect vision board
  • and more!

Bonus Chapter!

  • Build New Habits Plan including a kinesiology balance to achieve your goals!
  • Monthly Action Plan
Designed for easy printing and low ink usage.

When it comes to getting your new year laser focused no stone is left unturned. All you need is follow the steps that walk you through creating a vision board that works!

Optional upgrade to The Vision Board Workshop for videos on all chapters!

Go to the Visionboard Workshop now and watch the FREE lessons.

Download The Ultimate Vision Board Workbook and simply repeat at the beginning of each new year!
You will get a PDF (17MB) file

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