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Neglections 2020 - Papa Joe Coco Nut

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Joe Biden's ascendant is Ophiuchus: thus he joins pope, Kim, Bieber, HRH and celebs galore. 311 RPhAL Raphael gematria!

Squabbling aside, the election comes down to this:

Biden: socialism. Trump: capitalism
Biden: abortion. Trump: pro-life
Biden: high taxes. Trump: low taxes
Biden: anti-gun. Trump: 2nd amend
Biden: big govt. Trump: liberty
Biden: woke. Trump: jobs
Biden: globalism. Trump: USA

Proof virus does not exist also who is clearly behind said all too obvious hoax:

a)Noticed they don’t hoax with climate change anymore? Or have need for Greta?
b)Let’s go Sherlock on this one because they go NWO on us, alright?
c)“World socialism will be achieved by peaceful means” 007 Octopussy: does not say non-violent.
d)So it’s komUNterna alright: replacing the muzzled sheeple with black ones at our own expense and peril.
e)Also: quickly replacing present temporarily useful set of political white puppets with “saviors” like banksters.
f)How does it function? If in denial, you lose your job, reputation and even life.
g)One fake account is scared for the ruling 0.1% class of you know whom exactly: protestors get automatically labeled as white supremacists.
h)Climate denial equals holocaust denial equals virus denial: rings a knoll?
i)We just answered the second question: namely who. Further details are available online.
j)The first is even easier to answer, namely what? Or WTF.
k)The year of the brat.
l)Remember the Chinese allegedly chasing dangerous bat-virus away with UV that is ultraviolet rays, frying said pest dry as it were?
m)Remember when influenza season was wintertime? When you would walk into a restaurant normally, without being tracked by an app?
n)Remember when it was illegal to rape a 10 year old?
o)Remember when we shot people at the frontier?
p)Remember when president was white Christian and we had a pope?
q)How can a virus survive UV rays?
r)There is but one possibility: by not existing at all!
s)If it does not exist, UV rays can’t affect it at all: problem solved.
t)But that would be denial of (unwilling but allegedly) collective effort to chase away all evil that they will further impose upon us and alas our children: their favorite game: the virus may not exist at all but Magisterium is real,

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