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My Forever Cocky Biker Encounter (Concrete Angels MC, Book 1)

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Leather, Lies, and Larceny…Forensic Accounting was never so sexy!

Oriana Hunter

I don’t trust many people. Most especially, the bikers from the Concrete Angels Motorcycle Club. When I’m abducted by my “best friend” to come work for them as a forensic accountant, I pretty much have zero choice. They’re not the typical biker club. And some of their members make my hair stand on end. Hey, I got them to sign a contract, and it comes with dental. All I have to do is find out who’s embezzling from them and I can go home. It would go a lot faster if I didn’t have a sexy cocky biker hanging around. I have far too many personal demons, and then I start seeing angels. Literally. The question is which folks are more scary, those wearing the Concrete Angels’ cuts or the FBI jackets?

Scott Free

Oriana Hunter is the most beautiful and dangerous woman I’ve ever seen walk through the gates of the Concrete Angels’ compound. She’s badass, through and through. I don’t believe in mates-for-life, but Oriana makes me want to give it a try. But she doesn’t trust anyone, me especially, and I can recognize the signs of someone dealing with PTSD from my time in the Army. Turns out, she’s a former FBI agent and has major trust issues. Not that I blame her. With Loki at the helm and his habit of making people squirm, I wouldn’t trust us either. I know she’ll figure out our money leak, and quickly. Which means I’m popping the clutch and going in full throttle to prove I’m not what she thinks. And that she’s safer with me.
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