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Rimshot's Hard Target (Bad Boys of Beta Squad, Book 2)

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Navy SEAL sniper Kevin “Rimshot” Stanton has had one thing on his mind for months: Find his sister. When a retired teammate suggests calling a private investigator specializing in missing persons, he takes a chance on the woman he’s lusted after since a friend’s wedding. He hopes she won’t mind mixing business with pleasure, because he wants more than just her professional expertise.

Jaime Hensen isn’t the kind of woman to settle down. She likes the wham-whir-thank-you-sir lifestyle. But the night she spends with Rimshot makes her want more. Too bad he’s a glacier outside the bedroom. She throws all her concentration into the job to ignore the hurt.

When Jaime’s investigation gets too close to a mysterious company hiring only women, she’s kidnapped and Rimshot suspects they’ve taken his sister as well. He’ll need every skill in his arsenal to save them.

Rimshot has one shot to get love right, and he’s not about to miss.

This title is a re-release of a KindleWorlds title associated with the Hot SEALs KindleWorld. It has been re-edited and slightly extended, and has a new publisher and cover.
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