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Cherry Crutching the Park the Best Antidote for Cramping Toes with Toe Massage (HD 1920 X 1080)

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(English) Sexy Cherry takes a crutch in the park with her skintight outfit still getting used to the bulky plaster cast encasing her whole leg and her dress riding and showing more than she'd like because of the crutches and the way her cast is angled. Although she prefers heels. However, the only one she can manage these days is the one on her leg cast and she wears a comfortable flat on her other foot. The most uncomfortable thing however is that her long polished toes are really constrained in the cast and her little pinky toe is almost completely encased pushing it against the other toes and causing pressure discomfort. This is ironic because her poor little exposed toes are the only thing sticking out of her entire casted leg. Soon it becomes too much, and she must find a bench to prop up her casted leg and massage her bare toes. That's where her friend finds her, and she volunteers to massage Cherry's toes for her because they are so hard to bend and reach. Her friend gives Cherry a real lengthy toe massage working on each toe and pulling them apart to relieve the cramping. The relief on her face as her cute toes are played with is real! We rate this one featuring Cherry a must see because she is so sexy and the because of the toe play, closeups, etc.

LENGTH: 13 Mins
SIZE: 837 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 04/05/22
You will get a MP4 (837MB) file

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