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FAIRVENGER - 80's Synthwave inspired - VPS∙Avenger Presets Expansion with skin and add-ons

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In the 80's Fairlight created the first commercial sampler. In the future we recreated this legendary machine on a synth with more capabilities but kept the incredible spirit. It's named FairVenger !

Now available for VPS Avenger vst.


From The Australian Fairlight Computer Music Instrument (CMI) is a vintage but state-of-the-art Synthesizer/Sampler workstation. An incredible sampler with 28 megabytes or more of memory! One or two full 73 note velocity sensitive keyboards! Complete synthesis and editing of digitally sampled sounds. Three different on-board SMPTE Sequencers and storage to various disk mediums. The processor itself is housed in a 24" module. It was also the first digital sampler to hit the market back in 1979 and has endured throughout the eighties and nineties.
It has been used by Jean-Michel Jarre, Heaven 17, Hardfloor, ABC, Hall & Oates, the Buggles, Supertramp, Thomas Dolby, Jon Astley, Michael Jackson, Yes, Trevor Horn (Art of Noise), Geoff Downes, Stevie Wonder, Vince Clarke (Yazoo), Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney, Devo, Julian Lennon, The Cars, Yellow, Lindsey Buckingham, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, David Gilmour, Elvis Costello, Scritti Politti, Starship, Teddy Riley, Brian Wilson, Foreigner, Madonna, Debbie Gibson, Jane Child, Eurythmics, Mike Oldfield, Prince, OMD, Steve Winwood, Duran Duran, John Paul Jones, Paul Hardcastle, Kate Bush, Queen, Keith Emerson, Alan Parsons, Fleetwood Mac, B-52's, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Soul II Soul, and Stewart Copeland.

Encounters media recreates the legendary 80's sound for the VPS Avenger synth.

This synth is perfect for the emulation since it has all the functionality plus modern technology on board !

Recreate the drumsequencer with patterns, add an arp or step sequencer. Resample the voices. Add modern insert effects to it from reverbs, delays, gates to even more complexe effects .

The original samples come with a nice dirty bit grain to it. You can even adjust the rate of the bit depth. To get that special low quality feel.

Use all of the Avenger Synth capabilities to create the most incredible FairVenger sounds and keep that original character to the sound.

The FairVenger, VPS Avenger Expansion

  • More than 700 presets and samples from the legendary cult sampler of the 80's
  • Famous sounds used in many 80's hits !
  • Drumkits, Voice FX, Hits, Guitars, and many more samples...
  • Original sample available to edit and change the loop points
  • Combi layered presets with new VPS Avenger functions added
  • A base expansion pack + Add-ons with new sounds !
  • Included FairVenger skin for VPS Avenger vst synth

Base Expansion:

Complete library with more than 470 famous original sounds from the 80's 

  • 32 Bass
  • 36 Bells and Mallets
  • 54 Brass
  • 31 Drums and kits and Fx
  • 63 Fx and kits
  • 41 Guitars and Fx
  • 22 Organs
  • 22 Piano & Keys
  • 13 Plucked
  • 37 Strings
  • 36 Synth
  • 76 Voices
  • 50 Wind & Reed
  • FairVenger skin included !


Add-on 1 Hits & Drums

  • Contains new samples
  • Extra New Orchestral and Brass Hits
  • Extra Drumkits
  • Extra Loops
  • Extra Fx kits, Scratch kits, ...

Add-on 2 Voices & Pads

  • Contains new samples
  • Extra new Voices and pads
  • Extra new Voice Fx,
  • Extra Pads
  • Extra New Combination sounds

Add-ons video

Listen to our demo's

Demo's available at

Wanna try it out? 

Download our FREE PRESETS here

Preset list


(you will get an instructions txt file for download first)

1. first unzip the file.

2. drop the .avengercontent file onto the avenger browser library, it will start installing.

3. done, enjoy your presets.

How to install video here

Check the Fairlight greatest hits (sounds available in the presets):

The Famous Orch2 (5) hit sample:

Fairlight® and Fairlight Instruments are trademarks of their respective owners. Encounters is not affiliated or endorsed by any entities listed here. Samples copyright by Fairlight shared under creative commons license. The price of the product is only for the skin, preset creation and custom samples. The add-on packs contain custom created samples. Product inspired by Fairlight Cmi.