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Analogue Classics:

Legendary Analog Synths Expansion with Retrovenger skin for VPS Avenger

Inspired by legendary synths, we've recreated the most typical and authentic analog sounds from Moog, Oberheim, Roland, Prophet, Yamaha and others.

135 presets + 43 Bonus presets from the Analogue Legends Expansions.

A total of 178 presets unique analog sounds! Pure emulated VA, no sampling, except the drums.

Old retro sounds, luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses on Avenger. Perfect for pop, rock, synthwave,...

And the best of all, on top of that it comes with the vintage skin RetroVenger !

Analogue Classics, a VPS Avenger Expansion

  • Starting with 135 presets, pure emulated VA sound, no sampling, except the drums.
  • Old vintage sounds, luscious pads, power leads, detuning strings, deep funky basses on Avenger.
  • +43 Bonus presets from the Signature Expansions 
  • Perfect for pop, rock, synthwave,...
  • A total of 178 presets pure unique analog sounds! 
  • Included RETROVENGER skin !
  • See the specifications for the installation details and preset list.

Listen to our demo's

Demo's available at hearthis.At

We compared with the original stuff ! 

No need to buy 20 emulations! 

We've got our inspiration from existing synth and emulation plugins and tried to recreate the iconic vintage sounds. 

  • No sampling, all waveforms and FX by Avenger
  • No gigabytes of diskspace and minutes of loading times needed
  • Compared and inspired by many other existing plugins and original presets.
  • We tried to catch the spirit of the sounds

Here are some comparisons.



Wanna try it out? 

Download our FREE PRESETS here

More Analogue Classics expansions coming up.

We have you covered with expansions of ARP, KORG, MOOG, OBERHEIM, ROLAND, PROPHET, YAMAHA.

Check out this demo by bLiNd - Jordan Aguirre - 

Preset list


(you will get an instructions txt file for download first)

1. first unzip the file.

2. drop the .avengercontent file onto the avenger browser library, it will start installing.

3. done, enjoy your presets.

How to install video here

You will get the following files:
  • TXT (209B)
  • TXT (115B)