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Sacrifice (Catalyst Moon - Book 5)

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Shattered hope. 

Monstrous thralls continue their relentless assault on Aredia, demolishing cities and twisting innocent people into demons. Mages, blamed for the thralls, are more feared than ever – even more so after the destruction of the hematite mine, which has crippled the sentinel order. 

Hearts in crisis. 

Bereft and blamed for the mine’s loss, Kali is brought to the capital to account for her crimes. There, she learns that to stop the thrall crisis, she must balance their strange magic with her own – at any cost. Trapped in the otherworldly realm of the mysterious Fata, Stonewall must make a pact with those he has sworn to destroy so he can return to the world—and the woman—he loves.  

Freedom on a dagger’s edge. 

The paths of fate bring together mages and sentinels, rebels and royals, love and fear. Only by working together can they heal their fractured world for good. 

Opposing worlds collide in the final book of the CATALYST MOON saga.
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