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Breach (Catalyst Moon - Book 2)

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In an uncertain world on the brink of chaos, can love and destiny prevail? 

After Kalinda parted ways with Stonewall in Whitewater City, she didn't know if she would ever see him again. But when their paths cross once more and their mutual attraction blooms, they struggle with their respective roles. 

Meanwhile, fear consumes the land of Aredia as the body-snatching thralls multiply, destroying everyone in their path. Desperate for aid, Aredia calls upon the sentinels to fight this growing threat. But the mages take advantage of the sentinels' distraction to escape from their hematite prison; an act that will shatter the balance of the world. 

Kali and Stonewall must join forces to confront these impending disasters, but can a mage and sentinel ever be true allies?
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