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Golden Years - Hair

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Golden Years

2 wavy long hair for all female models


Replaces hair 166

Not hat compatible


Scaling compatible


  • Half-up twintails or ponytail version
  • Bows accessory options with 4 different colorsets
  • 4 highlights options (ombré, ombré reverse, split, split reverse, full highlights, no highlights)
  • Miqo'te vanilla or earless options
  • AuRa vanilla horns options (for the ponytail version only)


Can clip with some poses, can be corrected with ex bones

Works perfectly with iMMERSE shaders and RTGI

Back layers of the hair might clip with clothing which gives transparency

Public release: Vaulted

If you like my mods & pose with them, use #chocolatpraline on your socials!

Special thanks to Yuria for guidance and help throughout the modelling and fixing.

Thank you junevona for the wonderful alphas I will be using from now on.

Thank you vermillion for pushing me into making the ponytail version.

Thank you Haylie & Corvus the two loves of my life for encouraging me releasing this.

Thank you apricot, vermillion, Luna Bunny & Rei for the previews.

Thank you to all friends in Simpy server for loving my stuff, supporting me and giving me the faith to continue, learn and love.

Original assets, original textures.

You will get a ZIP (147MB) file