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This profit over people is sadly present into every industry, yet possibly most lethal in the medical industry.

And it needs to change but it is all those keeping it going through their own conflict of interets!

Repeatedly, fear is the only virus.

In this recording, the forward from a book written back in 2007, that people would have really benefited from, is shared and inadvertently commented upon.

Maybe this will inspire you to find some time to read it, if not this will for sure open your eyes and help you see clearly that it is time to fully reclaim your health and your body.  

The upcoming online retreat-course Get Your Real Power Back™ is intended to help you do just that!

Now the book in question is called "Virus Mania: How The Medical Industry Continuously Invent Epidemics, Making Billions Dollars Profit At Our Expense" by Torsten Engellbretch and Klaus Kohnlein
You will get a AIFC (431MB) file
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