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Witches are born with Moon in Corvus thus sensitive to corvine moons. Most recent witches are thus 2010 born. How the witch got rich? Funny fact: BoE1 is witch! Britwrich?

So how the witch got rich? She or him or imp made a spell with e.g. favorable a placement of Moon in Corvus, which being under most favorable star Spica is favorable already. This also means witches like to read on the fly!

What of broom? Neanderthal witchy shaman woman who invented it – still unmatched – compared it to her own broom-like lower astral garment – and |:|::: thus comet ||:|::

======*E Feel Vichy ritchy yet? How long is your broom?

One witchy caveat: corvine moons e.g. as observed from Madrid, Spain may or may not result corvine from Buenos Aires, Argentina: that is they can be slightly in Virgo: special position nevertheless, thus extremely rare an opportunity of minimal “error” even in a witch.
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