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ABC Raking Leaves Printable

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•This raking leaves printable can be used in a couple of different ways.
•Cut the ABC Leaf cards on pages 5-13. Then, I’ve provided two different games for
learning through play. The first is a checklist of uppercase/lowercase on pages 14-15.

Add sheets to a clipboard. Then, add the leaves to a sensory bin, in a fun scavenger hunt

game around your littles playroom, or our favorite: on the floor to be raked with a

toy broom (pretend play). If you choose this method of raking with a toy broom,

Add a square tape grid on the floor to broom the leaves into. Then, checkmark
the letter leaves you found! Say aloud their letter name or letter sound. Page 16-17
are bonus pages I thought would be fun for coloring in the ABC leaf letter card your
little finds. For a more advanced approach, color that colored leaf on the page too!

•**For a list of some of the supplies we use:


What other fun ways can you think of using these?

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