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The Last Record Album

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Singer-Songwriter Bo Carter Takes Readers on a Journey Through the Fascinating World of Music and Songwriting in The Last Record Album. Includes Bandcamp links to songs written for the book.

His story begins in New York's Greenwich Village during the folk music explosion of the 1960s, just as Bob Dylan arrived on the scene.

Carter begins touring with his band The Touts before embarking on a long solo career that includes his painstaking efforts to record a new song for Robert Altman’s latest movie at New York's renowned Record Plant and a do-or-die effort to be remembered as something other than a one-hit-wonder.

The book also includes songs written by the author in the book, with links to Bandcamp versions featuring the author playing and singing many of the songs. This gives readers a chance to experience the creative process firsthand and see how the author's words translate into music.

For anyone interested in music, songwriting, or the creative process, The Last Record Album: A fictional biography is a must-read.

Get your copy today and embark on a journey through the fascinating world of music and songwriting with Bo Carter.

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