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People and Play

Table-top role-playing: what's it about? This course presents the immediate experience of play: what it's like to do it, what interactions and concepts are involved, some of the shapes and profiles the activity has taken on over its history, and its qualities as a unique medium of expression. Its lens is "the obvious," what you know you do when you're doing it. We've had fifty years to do this thing - let's make some sense out of it.

Course procedures

Class meets Mondays, May 29 through June 26, 20:00-22:00 CET.

We meet at Discord in the Adept Play server, at the channel named for this course. It is a private meeting and cannot be viewed by others.

Class time includes numerous activities, discussions, and exercises, and content often depends on their outcomes. Therefore attendance is extremely important and the class cannot be presented in some canned or standard way.

Each meeting includes homework which is due four days following class. I provide individual feedback on all assignments. There are no grades or numerical assessments for assignments or for the course.

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The fee is 1250 SEK (Swedish krona; includes VAT).

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Frequently asked questions

How do we begin?

When you've completed purchasing you're all done here at Payhip. Mark your calendar to attend the course at Discord on the listed start date.


Can I take more than one class at once?

Yes, if one of them is this course. You'll have to sign up for them separately here at Payhip.


What about refunds?

If the course hasn't begun, then you can rescind your order at any time - just let me know as soon as possible.

If your schedule or situation changes during the course and you have to stop attending, you may receive a partial refund based on the timing and specific situation, pending discussion between us. There are no other circumstances for refunds.