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10,000 Dawns: Making Spirits Bright

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"The Festival of Hiding was filled with ironies. The short, dark day of the Winter solstice gifted the Demiurge incredible powers: he would rise into the world from his frozen domain to harass and torment the faithful."

Every now and again, a creature will get lost in another universe. Sometimes, we can help them get back home. Other times, we have to help them escape.

Two young girls have no idea they’re just characters in a video game. A refugee from a destroyed universe has to move in with a version of themself who got the girl. And when a scientist on a remote, snowy base discovers a strange creature, they do everything they can to keep it secret and safe. These are stories of monsters of all sorts, both creatures and people, and how to find hope at the end of the world, from a vast panel of new and diverse voices in science fiction.

You will get a EPUB (1MB) file