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10,000 Dawns: Poor Man's Illiad

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She survived defeat after defeat, and now Centro Marine Zhang Han is ready to go home, and leave war behind forever. But an ambitious officer named Cornelia Carthage has another idea, a plan to destroy the Vigilance, a slave trading empire, and go home in glory. What happens next will change Han’s home forever...

But Han’s story is just the beginning. Travel across the solar-system, through wars, adventures, art heists, and family dinners. See the walking cities of Mercury, delve into a derelict space ship, and explore the secrets of New Alexandria. An epic sci-fi saga, spanning decades, with stories from such renowned writers as Simon Bucher-Jones (Doctor Who, Faction Paradox), Nathan P. Butler (Star Wars, WARS), and Tim Sutton (Marble Hornets, Slender: The Arrival), all in the hands of editor James Wylder.

Also featuring tales from:

Trevor Allen, Eric R. Asher, Kevin Burnard, Evan Forman, Nicholas Scott Kory, Kylie Leane, Colby McClung, Michael Robertson, Jo Smiley, Sarah E Southern, Jordan Stout, and Elizabeth Tock.

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