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10,000 Dawns

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"Humanity reached for the stars, and as its hand neared the edge of the solar system shrugged and said, "Eh, good enough." Its hundreds of years in the future, Mars and many moons have been colonized, and Graelyn Scythes is stuck on Earth with her cat. After she accepts an internship with Project Atlantis, an underwater city led by a mysterious visionary , Graelyn's easy job bringing coffee gets harder when she makes the choice to bring in a sinking Cyborg named Archimedes from the depths, and an experiment is taking place in Atlantis goes massively awry! Flung into another world, Graelyn finds another life she could have lived… A life where she is the most hated woman on Earth. Graelyn quickly becomes part of an adventure larger than herself... And herself, and herself... Now she has to survive a revolution, and figure out if she’ll turn out to be that person herself: Revolutions, cyborgs, adventure, and cats await you in the 10,000 Dawns.

You will get a EPUB (10MB) file