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Looking For Trouble, Audiobook

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A man called by destiny. The wrong man.

The Pan of Hamgee doesn’t believe in miracles but if he’s going to save K’Barth it looks as if he might need one.

He's not quite as alone as he thought. The punters from The Parrot and Screwdriver are right behind him and he has rescued three of his friends from the Grongolian Security Forces, who are now of course, three of the nation's most wanted, which doesn't make life easy. He even has something of a plan for once. It involves making peace with the Resistance, trying to resurrect the Underground movement, and toppling Lord Vernon.

Now, The Pan just needs to keep his head down and maintain a low profile. He must be brave and clever and stay in control. That's going to be a first. But the hardest part will be staying alive long enough to put his plan into action.

Running time: 16 hours, 56 minutes and 22 seconds.

Estimated UK film rating of this book is: PG (Parental Guidance) dark things happen but there is also light.

This is a humorous science fiction fantasy story set in a parallel reality. Think Red Dwarf meets Jasper Fforde ...

'Great mix of twists and character development with action and fantasy and technology thrown in. Sharp writing and puns intertwine with some good ideas about how different kinds of "people" can all get along with more tolerance, respect and a shared vision of what a peaceful society looks like. Timely.' - Amazon, 2017

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