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GOD and Our Future - 210 Prophetic Points Poster - 2020 Edition Ver. 1.2

Congratulations in advance on receiving your 210 Prophetic Points poster.

Be sure to read The Prophetic Playbook Story, it's the milk before the meat (the poster). The Prophetic Playbook Story is a great place to start.  The book and poster covers prophetic events of our day as recorded in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.
After reading it, hang on to it. You'll probably have lots of questions and I may refer you back to it.

As you can see there is a lot of information on the poster.

Remember - The scriptures are the key... Not the poster. The poster is to help you remember the scriptures.  And... the Holy Ghost is the key to the scriptures. Keep a prayer in your heart.

The 210 Prophetic Points on the poster

The 210 prophetic points on the poster are the breakdown of the prophetic events covered.  Each event will have a beginning point, that's one prophetic point. Each event will usually have an end point, that's another prophetic point. John and Daniel could have also mention a few points in between. The prophetic points are usually grouped by which of the eight kings is ruling at the time that the point is fulfilled.

The 210 Prophetic Points are there to help you in a number of ways. For example:

·         You can use the prophetic points to keep track of where we are in the prophetic events and what's coming up generally next and into the distant future.

·         You can use the prophetic points in your personal scripture study.

·         You can use the prophetic points to ponder and pray about how God wants you to prepare.

·         The prophetic points can be helpful to you when reading the scriptures and come across prophetic             events relating to our day. You can try to figure out which of the eight kings will be ruling when the               prophetic event happens.

·         You can use the prophetic points to be a topic of conversation.

 Enjoy unveiling the prophetic events of our day!

God bless!

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