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The Omnibus of Pen Sketching

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A pen is mightier than a sword!

And two sketching books together are mightier than any single book.

The Omnibus of Pen Sketching is a combination of two bestseller art instruction books

- Get-Set-Sketch!

- Sketch like a Boss!

(You will receive it as a single book with the content of two exciting books)

This book contains everything you need to learn the art of pen sketching, right from the basics to complex subjects. It contains 22 exercises which will demonstrate step-by-step how you can draw stunning sketches.


Unleash the artist within you! Get ready to embark on a magical journey through the realm of Pen and Ink Sketching.

Learn to “see” shapes, shadows, and textures all around you, like an artist.

Learn various pen and ink shading techniques.
– Hatching
– Cross-hatching
– Contour shading
– Stippling
– Random
– Using Inks for shading

Learn to sketch:
– Trees, Grass, and Shrubs
– Stones and Rocks
– Animal Fur
– Wood
– Water

And two complete, step-by-step exercises + FREE lifetime access to two video trainings, where you will learn to implement all these techniques.

Let’s Get, Set and Sketch!


Now discover the true power of a pen in this amazing guide to sketching like a boss.

This one-of-a-kind exercise book will set all your sketching fears to rest and guide you step-by-step in drawing the most awesome illustrations.

Come join Shirish on this amazing journey of discovery.

What will you learn?
-- The concepts of shadows and highlights.
-- Shading techniques using pens.
-- Various 'texture hacks' for drawing objects like glass, stones, bricks, wood
-- Drawing human figures in the landscape.
-- Basic perspective concepts.

And that's not all.

You will learn to implement all these techniques hands-on in twenty amazing step-by-step demonstrations, spanning subjects of various levels of difficulty ranging from simple to complex.

Simple subjects:
-- A Football
-- An Ice Cream Cone
-- A Plain Candle and a Half-Melted Candle
-- A Leaf
-- A Fruit
-- A Mineral Water Bottle

Medium subjects:
-- An Old Wooden Door
-- A Truck
-- The Stairs
-- A Shopfront
-- An Abandoned Car
-- A Small Boat
-- A Banyan Tree Trunk
-- A Shrine

Complex subjects:
-- An Old Victorian Building
-- A Small Temple at the Crossroads
-- An Old Stone Building Converted into an Office
-- An Old Telephone
-- A Church
-- A House in Hawaii

Let’s get sketching like a Boss!
You will get a EPUB (73MB) file

Sketch like a Boss!: From Novice to a Boss Illustrator in Twenty Easy Steps


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Composition and Perspective: A simple, yet powerful guide to draw stunning, expressive sketches


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Get-Set-Sketch! Secrets of Pen & Ink Sketching Unleashed!


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