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Composition and Perspective: A simple, yet powerful guide to draw stunning, expressive sketches

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Do you want to draw and paint beautiful illustrations with an accurate perspective?

Are you intimidated by all those mathematical calculations a typical book about perspective drawing contains? Do you feel that all these calculations hinder your creative drawing process?

Then this book s definitely for you. In this book, you will discover the magic of Composition and Perspective for drawing and painting beautiful, expressive artworks.

Learn to draw amazingly fun sketches and paintings using easy-to-use, yet powerful techniques for solid compositions and accurate perspective.

Learn the basics of composition and perspective such as:
- Nine 'rules' of composition
- Horizon
- Vanishing points
- Foreshortening
- Picture plane
- One-point perspective
- Two-point perspective
- Three-point perspective
- Five-point (Fisheye) perspective
- Atmospheric perspective

Never again get bogged down by the technicality of perspective drawing. Rather, learn to enjoy expressive sketching while maintaining a sense of the correct perspective and beautiful composition.

And that's not all!

Along with several artworks, you will find links to FREE video demonstrations where the author shows you exactly how these artworks were created.

So, let's go ahead and see the world from a new perspective!
You will get a EPUB (21MB) file