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Pen, Ink and Watercolor Sketching: Learn to Draw and Paint Stunning Illustrations in 10 Step-by-Step Exercises

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Discover the magic of pen-ink-watercolor in this guide jam-packed with detailed tips and instructions.

Are you a beginner in sketching? Or are you a sketcher looking to infuse for colorful magic in your illustrations?

Do you think that the average art instruction book omits too many steps in explaining the illustration techniques?

Then this book is for you.

Why combine pen, inks and watercolor for illustrations?

Pen and ink are the ideal tools to create mind-blowing textures and contrasts in illustrations.

Watercolor painting is appealing for the charming effects it creates but notorious for its unpredictability.

When pen, ink and watercolor are combined in an illustration, magic happens!

In this book, we will learn how to create this magic of texture, contrast and vivid colors.

What will you learn in this book?
- Pen shading techniques like hatching, cross-hatching, contour shading, stippling, and scribbling.
- Acrylic ink shading techniques.
- Wet and dry brush techniques for watercolor/ink.
- Materials used for pen-ink-watercolor painting. These include the conventional materials as well as some 'exotic' materials (such as table salt and toothbrush!) for creating unique effects.
- Creating textures using various shading techniques as well as different materials.

Of course, the real learning happens by doing, not just reading.

So, we will implement all the shading techniques and the brush techniques into ten step-by-step demonstrations.

Each demonstration will teach you how to do the initial rough pencil sketch, line work using pens, and coloring.

The ten step-by-step demonstrations will cover the following topics:

A House and a Light Pole
We will start with this beautiful monochrome illustration using pens and black acrylic ink.

Wood and Rusted Metal Texture
We will learn to create exquisite textures using pens, ink and watercolor in this exercise.

An Old DP (Distribution Point) Box
We will learn how a seemingly uninteresting and mundane subject can be used for a beautiful illustration. Also, textures, textures!!

A Piece of Old Abandoned Machinery
Even an ugly subject can be used as inspiration to draw a beautiful illustration.

The Door
We will use to capture the power of wooden textures and the charm of the old house in this illustration.

A Stairway to Heaven
We will learn how to simplify a seemingly complicated subject such as these curvy stairs.

A Charming Little Lane
We will learn how some rustic and subdued color combinations can be used to great effect.

Wall of an Old House
We will see how to 'cheat' our way to create a pretty illustration from a grey and depressing subject.

A Stone Temple
We will learn how a colorful illustration can be painted using a very limited color palette.

Buildings in Ladakh
We will learn to declutter a seemingly overwhelming subject and to create a 'feel' of a scene.
You will get a EPUB (43MB) file