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FreeForm: Resumed

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The only solution to humanity's plight is itself part of the problem--and it's not even human

Despite appearances, TJ--now Private First Class Todd John Jacobs--has little in common with his fellow rangers. After all, there's a world of difference between blending in and fitting in. When a military assignment in Iraq goes horribly wrong, will this outsider's differences prove a boon or a blight? Civilization, itself, may rest upon the shoulders of one man...who isn't a man at all.

Colonel Stanwick knows the truth about Jacobs and aims to eliminate FreeForm by leveraging that knowledge...but can a shapeshifter be bent to a mere mortal's will? Fighting fire with fire could lead to an inferno that swallows the globe.

Graver still, a reanimated Homlin has grown increasingly powerful and evil as Val as his revived plot nears fruition. Under the tutelage of the artificial intelligence, Aeo, Val is positioned to forge connections with those that rule the planet, at least for now. But all too soon, Earth's natives may find themselves longing for a ruthless cartel's comparative mercy. With James Stepp falling into old habits, paths will cross as pivotal pieces connect. Things are coming to a head...and it isn't human.

Endlessly addictive. Stunning. Equally brilliant and dark...

Such is its cosmic craftsmanship, Book III of the FreeForm Series begs another imperative question: what planet did O. J. Bradford come from? Reader beware: there's no other option. Total surrender assured.
The action/adventure SF continues. Don't miss the twists and turns. Pick up your copy today.

(Previously published asĀ Freeform Resumed.)
The FreeForm series includes:
  • FreeForm: Crash (a prequel)
  • FreeForm: Beginnings
  • FreeForm: Reborn
  • FreeForm: Resumed
  • FreeForm: New Birth
  • FreeForm: New Power
  • FreeForm: New Earth

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