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Personally Yours 50 Canned Email Responses | Jester Edition

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Service providers, coaches, and consultants: Humanize your brand and make yourself instantly more relatable with these canned-but-customizable email responses. 

Your brand isn't like everyone else's, so it shouldn't sound like it is. Each and every one of these customizable email responses has been carefully created and thoughtfully written in your archetype's own, unique brand voice. Just customize, and send. With 50 to choose from, there's one for just about any situation you may encounter as a service provider.

My unique area of expertise is in brand strategy and copywriting. Because I am so deeply familiar with every single archetypal persona and voice, I'm uniquely qualified to develop this series for you.

Don't waste another minute staring at a blinking cursor wondering what to say. You'll save hours every single week by not starting all of your correspondence from scratch. And, best of all, these messages are more personal, so your readers will feel appreciated and understood.

Use these templates to get your message across professionally, with an undeniable human touch. Your recipient will get the information you want to share, wrapped neatly in your brand archetype's own, authentic style.

Simply copy and paste the template text of your choice, customize, and send.


  • (3) Too expensive
  • Not a good fit
  • Can you copy...?
  • Asking for a discount
  • Asking for freebies
  • New subscriber
  • Pre-call reminder
  • New project kick-off 
  • On-boarding
  • Outside project scope
  • Response reminder
  • (3) Payment reminder
  • Testimonial request
  • Referral request
  • Initial proposal
  • Off-boarding
  • Information request
  • (2) Rush job
  • (2) Out of office
  • Not my wheelhouse
  • (2) Client backed out
  • (5) Firing a client
  • Too needy
  • Raising your rates
  • Client breached contract
  • Closing the loop
  • Offering an incentive
  • General inquiry
  • Online compliment
  • Service complaint
  • Downloaded, then asked for a refund
  • (2) Digital refund
  • Cease + desist
  • Copycat alert
  • Referral thank you
  • Oops
  • Weekly update
  • Book a discovery call
Each brand voice has its own subtle nuances. Choose the series that aligns with your primary brand archetype. Not sure which one you need? Click the link above to take the free quiz. 
You will get a PDF (10MB) file

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