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Impact Words for Creator Brand Archetypes

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NOTE: This worksheet is an excerpt from the Brand Archetype Course. If you've taken the course for your primary archetype, then you already have this sheet. You should only purchase this is you have 1) not purchased the course or 2) if you are buying the impact words for your secondary or tertiary archetypal persona(s) or 3) if you're curious about how to write for a different archetypal persona.

Especially for Creator Brands

100 expertly chosen words to thread throughout your copy to help you articulate and shape your brand's archetypal persona.

This more than just a list of words. It's a personality shaper and an emotive kickstart. The way you express yourself verbally tells people who you are and what they can expect from you. Your language also has the undeniable capacity to motivate and inspire. That's why it's so important to pay special attention to your word choices.


Words are powerful. Finding the right ones can have a huge impact on who is attracted to your brand (your ideal customers), who is turned off by your brand (your wrong people), how you're viewed and perceived by others. Your writing can quite literally make or break your business.  And so, it's clear that using words that resonate with your ideal customers is of the utmost importance. As an archetypologist, I have intensely studied each and every archetypal persona for years. I understand them on a soul-level. I used this experience to come up with a list of 100 words that sound like your archetypal persona, and that will resonate with your readers. This will help draw the right people into your space and keep them there.


The individual Impact Word sheets are taken directly from my Brand Archetype Courses. There's a corresponding list for each archetypal persona. Most brands are a combination of more than one archetypes. To most effectively shape and define your unique persona, you'll need to find a comfortable blend of your 2-3 archetypes.

Not sure what your mix is? Take my free Archetypal Branding quiz. Your results will feature your top 2-3 personas in order of strength. Having an Impact Words list from each of your types will help you find just the right combination of words to bring your brand to life accurately and powerfully.


A list of 100 impact words and a quick primer on how to put them to work for you in your writing.

You will get a PDF (424KB) file

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3 months ago

Exactly as Stated

A solid list of words that can be used for the archetype, which may be all you need for customizing some content. Includes adjectives, conceptual words, nouns and verbs.