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"Shepherds and Angels" from Incarnate

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"Shepherds and Angels" for banjo, violin, clarinet, cello, and pump organ (or synthesizer) is part of the larger work Incarnate, a Lessons & Carols service that tells the Christmas story through the idea of "place." Incarnate tells the story of how God came for a specific geography, and desires to renew our specific geography as well. . You can listen in to the music as an album on bandcamp here.


“Shepherds and Angels” is meant to underscore the reading of Luke 2:8-20, but can be presented without the reading.


Incarnate tells the biblical story of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration through nine scriptures underscored by music. More information can be found here.


The music was commissioned by Hope Chapel in Greensboro, NC for their 2021 Lessons and Carols Service.


To ask questions about the music or score, or to share about a place where Incarnate is being presented, please don’t hesitate to contact the me at!

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