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WILLIE THE MOUSE - a Children's Moonlit Adventure

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Willie the Mouse had often hear his parents say “the Moon was made of Green Cheese” and one evening he thought he would see for himself if this were indeed true.
So, he packed up a piece of cheese and a crust of bread, and, taking his lantern, set out on his travels.

On his way he met his friend Mr Woodmouse and Jenny Wren who said one evening she had flown ever so high but didn't seem to get any nearer.

He also met Mr Squirrel and Mrs Mole who both said they didn’t think he would succeed, but he knew he had to try for himself.

Out in the moonlight, while the owls were hooting, he also met a very special, magical being. But who was this special being? Well, you’ll have to download this book and find out for yourself!

A children’s adventure by moonlight – the story is well written by Alta Tabor and exquisitely illustrated by Florence White Williams with 22 illustrations, 10 of which are in colour.

10% of the profit from the sale of this book is donated to charities.

Yesterday's Books for Today's Charities
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