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The Disorder Project.
Welcome to disorder, the collaborative creative project between Mark Hopper and John Hopper, as it gets its first release. This is a collaboration of Mark's artwork and John's text. The subject is a wild graffiti-laden violent, graphic and orgasmic voyage of pain, death, fantasy and glory. Not for the faint-hearted perhaps, but definitely gravy for the wide-eyed lover of the darker side of humanity.

Disorder #1 is being released as a full colour downloadable book. This first issue is setting the scene, creating the world, building the foundations and props for the story that is to come, as well as the characters that will inhabit this space of blood and gristle, of full impact violence and deliberation. Enter the end days of human wreckage, of boredom and sadistic impulses. A drowning world of accidental opportunity and focused lust. It is the world of the last generation, where pain and pleasure are one force wrapped around a barbed wire column. Enjoy.
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