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A visceral angel that lurks in the shadows, behind walls, just out of reach of our perspective. An angel that has to be brought into presence by a shift in our human perspective. That shift could be purposeful and knowing as through prayers/chants/incantations, or subliminally and unknowingly through mental distortion – a form of mental/physical fit. It is an angel that is brought into being, an angel that travels through walls, shifts through dimensions, that scales across your life story. It feeds from you, and it needs you – but it also knows with every flap of its wing and every stroll of its finger, that you need it as much, if not more so. Our connection to angels is an ugly but necessary one, a relationship where each achieves something from the visceral alliance. ‘Dominion’ is a place where realities collide, a place where angels have long forceful tongues and wandering hands, a place they rule within oblivion.  

This is a collaboration between brothers; it is a collaboration between creative individuals with a shared interest, a shared interest in the darker, stranger, more uncomfortable side of life.

Mark Hopper is artist, John Hopper is writer. A combination and collaboration that works. It is the first real collaboration between Mark and John Hopper and its success means that there will be more titles on the way soon.

Dominion has been both a cathartic and a creative focus for us both. Collaboration had always been on the cards – just never quite happened, perhaps too many shifts and turns in our lives, too many walls and tunnels.

Enjoy this creative alliance.
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