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Hope Lost / END DAYS # 1

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People are involved in an apparently lost battle. And the worst? We have let the enemy in.


There is a war going on.

AIWAR. A war that was predicted, but always denied. Until it was too late.

And the worst? We have let the enemy in. Now people are involved in an impossible, apparently already lost, battle with the AI they devised and trained themselves.

Desperate people try to defend themselves against the new, ruthless ruler, but also against people who have sided with the AI.

The AI has declared itself the absolute ruler; AILPHA. As such a new era has begun, the Age of AIristocracy. For the last people who still dare to resist, the situation seems hopeless. Hopeless and extremely dangerous, as hope is the only thing that keeps people going in these dark days...

Series: END DAYS # 1

World / Universe: Age of AIristocracy

Words: 41.500

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