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Studies in black and white (2018) - Graphic Score Collection (any ensemble) - PDF Download

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Studies in Black and White is a series of 24 graphic improvisation-stimulus scores, originally created for pianist Maria Sappho.

Each panel has been produced using a combination of white and black acrylic on white or black cartridge paper, painted using three flat thick-bristled brushes, a single curved palette knife, and fingers. The majority of the panels were produced using a single stroke or gesture, with no further alteration.

This collection serves as a series of practice-pieces for improvising musicians. For pianists, it represents a set of exercises in piano technique, a teaching aid for exploring the sonification and musical interpretation of visual media, and an exploration of the possibilities of musical and visual synchrony. Each panel has been conceived of, or composed, as a musical entity in its own right, with concepts such as texture, line, tone, colour, velocity, and gesture forming the focus of the creation of the work.

This score is provided as a downloadable PDF, complete with all 24 panels, and instructional material.

Duration: variable
You will get a PDF (13MB) file