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Oracle (2018) - Solo Bassoon - Hard Copy

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Solo Bassoon | c. 15 minutes

The physical score is booklet bound with a square-back spine, to facilitate lying flat, with a matte laminated card cover, and 120gsm pages (b&w).

Oracle is a work in four movements for solo Bassoon, written for Irish performer Ronan Whittern. The piece was written as a reflection on the ancient religious, cultural, and agricultural relationship between the people of the British Isles and Ireland and the native trees and forests of these countries. The piece is written as a dialogue, to be performed with a tree.

"Go outside and collect three sticks.

Return home, harming nothing.

The following day, return the sticks to where they were found.

Return home, harming nothing."

The premiere recording was made by Ronan Whittern in June 2018.